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Getting ready to file your divorce:

Divorce requires certain decisions to be made on all issues of the marriage. These decisions are in regards to thedivision of property, support, child custody, retirement and more. If the parties can't come to an agreement, then the Judge will make the decision for the parties.

A divorce mediator can help you resolve these issues. A mediator will work with the parties, hear the arguments and review the facts. From this, the mediator will suggest reasonable resolutions to the areas of conflict between the parties.

Fairway divorceIf the parties simply cannot reach an agreement, then they have the option to use a divorce arbitrator, who will render a final decision on the issues after careful study and after listening to the concerns of both parties. The arbitrator is free to take as much time as necessary to reach what he or she believes will be the most fair decision or both parties.

Save Time - Save Money - Preserve Relationships


A divorce mediator or a divorce arbitrator can be used to help resolve all issues pertaining to divorce, such as:

  • Property Division.
  • Spousal Support.
  • Child Support.
  • Parenting Plans and Child Custody.
  • RRSP's, Pensions, Businesses.
  • Parenting Coordination.
  • Preparing Separation Agreements.

Save time and money:

Utilizing a service such as Fairway Divorce Solutions can save you time and money. Having your issues litigated by opposing attorneys can cost several thousand dollars, even tens-of thousands per issue. In addition, it typically takes many months, or even years, to work out all the issues. Using the services of a divorce negotiation service will help you come to reasonable agreements on your marital issues and help you quickly come to a final decision.

  • Reduce the time to a resolution.
  • Reduce the stress and emotions.
  • Protect your children and preserve relationships.
  • Preserve your assets.

Thousands of couples each year are helped through the services of Fairway Divoce Solutions. Divorce is a dramatic event in your life, but it doesn't need to define your life or be the cause of emotional scars. Let Fairway help you resolve your marital issues so that you have a full agreement on your issues prior to entering the divorce process. Then, when you are ready to file your divorce, the actual process of the divorce will be quick and simple, and no court appearance will be required.

How to get started with a Fairway Divorce Solutions:

Fairway Divorce Solutions provides the expert services required to arbitrate your marital issues. Experienced and affordable alternative to hiring opposing attorneys to litigate marital disputes.

  • Contact Fairway Divorce Solutions at (866)755-3247
  • Setup an appointment to speak with an experienced divorce arbitrator.
  • Review the solutions from your Fairway Divorce arbitrator and start on your path to resolving relational conflicts

Fairway Divorce Solutions

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How to file your divorce

Filing an uncontested divorce is actually a fairly simple process. Thousands of people file their own divorce every week. We provide simple to understand instructions to help guide you through the divorce process.

When to use a divorce attorney

If you and your spouse cannot agree on the issues of the divorce and you believe it will be difficult to resolve your complex situation, then you are encouraged to consult a divorce attorney.

When you can't locate your spouse

If you don't know the whereabouts of your spouse, you can still get a divorce. We help people everyday who haven't seen their spouse in years and don't know their whereabouts. We will help you through the process.

Divorce process

The divorce process typically takes 2-3 months to become final. Some courts don't require any court hearing, some do. Our simple to understand instructions and support department make sure your divorce goes smoothly.

Divorce doesn't have to be expensive.

With years of experience and praise by the Courts, you
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At Reliable Divorce, we make the process of divorce simple for you. We will prepare your divorce forms, which will include the Petition for Divorce and all the other documents required by your local court, and send them to you ready to sign and file..

  • Attorney quality divorce documents
  • 100% money-back court acceptance guarantee
  • Fast and affordable divorce service
  • Award winning custody support
  • Fast divorce processing
  • Unlimited Free changes and updates

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