Legal Custody:   You may have Joint Legal Custody or Sole Legal Custody.  This determines how the decisions are made regarding the raising of the child(ren).

With Joint Custody, both parents make all the major decisions regarding the upbringing of the child(ren).

Wife Sole Custody, only one parent will make the decisions regarding the upbringing of the child(ren).

Physical Custody:Physical custody determines where the child(ren) primarily reside after the divorce is final.  The child(ren) will live at the residence of the primary residential parent, and the other parent will have visitation depending on the visitation schedule outlined in the divorce documents.

Visitation is the same whether the court orders sole custody or joint custody.  The visitation rights of the non-custodial parent is not affected in the type of legal custody that is ordered by the Court.

We give a full description of the different types of custody on our "Divorce Information" page.


This can be any program agreed upon by the parties and may change from time to time.  If the parties cannot agree then the state guidelines are in effect.  State guidelines are outlined in the MSA provided with your documents.  You do not need to list your present visitation agreement as it will change from time to time but you may if you wish.  “No Visitation” or “Restricted Visitation” may be requested by supplying the reason on the questionnaire.

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