There is a couple of ways to determine child support for the children of the married.

1.    You have the option to agree on an amount for child support.  We will prepare the documents with the child support amount ordered in an amount agreeable between the parents.  As long as the amount of child support is reasonable, the court will usually order the amount that you and your spouse agree upon for child support.  It is vary rare that the Court will intervene and change an amount for child support when you both agree.

2.    You can request that the Court award child support pursuant to the Alberta child support guidelines.  The child support will either be an amount you and your spouse agree upon, or it will be determined for you by the court, according to the Alberta Child Support Guidelines.  If you wish the court to calculate the amount then you will need to file the standardized Child Support Guidelines form and Child Support Income Statement/Affidavit which we will provide for  you in the documents that we send to you. 

See Alberta Child Support Calculator on any search engine such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. to get an idea of what the child support would be if it was to be ordered by the Court.