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At ReliableDivorce, we have developed a system to help you get a professional divorce in Newfoundland without the cost of an attorney.  Simple process, great support, low cost and 100% Guaranteed Newfoundland Divorce.

If the time has come to file for a divorce, let us help you make the process as stress-free as possible.  Your divorce doesn't have to be a tedious and expensive process.  We hand prepare your Newfoundland divorce documents and send them to your ready to sign and file with the court.

All divorces filed in Canada are governed by the Federal Divorce Act, but Newfoundland has its own individual provincial Family Laws which your divorce forms must meet.  We understand the court system in Newfoundland and help you through the entire divorce process.  We do not provide advice on procedural or substantive law.

We make it simple and affordable.  Once you submit your order to us, our staff will review the information and a divorce specialist will prepare your divorce documents specifically for the court in Newfoundland where you will be filing.  All the divorce forms will be specific for the municipal district in Newfoundland where you reside.

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Newfoundland divorce formsSimple Process:  We have developed a system to make the divorce process easy.

Low Cost:  Newfoundland Divorce document preparation and support for only $249.

Guaranteed Results:  100% money-back court acceptance guarantee.

Experience:  20 years experience with over 60,000 satisfied customers.

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Newfoundland Divorce Specialists

Newfoundland divorce

A divorce preparation specialists for Newfoundland will personally handle your case. Each divorce form is prepared specifically for your situation, which may include child custody or property distribution and retirement accounts. You can be assured that your divorce forms will be accurate and ready to sign and file with the Court in Newfoundland where you reside.

We take the time to make sure each form is prepared correctly.  No automated computer systems generating standard forms.  We hand-prepare each divorce document specifically for your individual situation.

You can always be sure that your Newfoundland divorce papers are carefully prepared and ready to sign and file.

100% Court Acceptance Guarantee

Divorce with children in Newfoundland

If you file for a divorce, you want to make sure you have the support backing you to complete the divorce.  Our goal is to make sure that every customer actually receives their divorce. We support our customers to help them get their divorce finalized and provide a 100% money-back court acceptance guarantee. See our Guarantee for specific terms.

We understand that this is a very important time in your life. You can count on ReliableDivorce to take the time to carefully review your situation, carefully prepare your Newfoundland divorce papers, and send them to you after a full review process has taken place to ensure quality.

Quality Newfoundland divorce papers at an affordable price.

Newfoundland divorce papers

Up-to-date 2014 Newfoundland divorce forms.

Information about filing a divorce in Newfoundland.

Newfoundland Court approved divorce forms

The most important aspect of filing a divorce is making sure they will handle all your issues and that they will be approved by the Judge.  We review the information you put into our questionnaire to make sure that the documents are correct and will be approved by the Judge.

Settlement Agreement in Newfoundland

Many people want to include a marital separation agreement, also known as a settlement agreement, to handle the distribution of your marital assets and debts, handle health insurance issues, as well many other items. Your Newfoundland divorce documents will include a free marital settlement agreement.

Child custody, support and visitation

If you have minor children, the court requires that the issues such as custody and support be included in the documents you file with the Court.  There are four types of custody in Canada: (1) Sole Custody, (2) Joint Custody, (3) Shared Custody, and (4) Split Custody. We will help you with the custody issues in your divorce.  Your divorce forms will include all the provisions for custody and support, including visitation schedules, insurance and any other custody issues that are required when you file your divorce.

Property and debt settlement

If you have marital property and debt that you need to distribute from your marriage, we will include the division in the forms we prepare for you. Simply include this information in the property section of our online divorce questionnaire and our Newfoundland divorce specialists will make sure that these provisions are included in your divorce forms.

Grounds for Divorce in Newfoundland

Under the Divorce Act, the only valid reason for a divorce is "Marriage break down".  There are 3 acceptable grounds for filing your divorce (1) Separation for one year (doesn't require that you live in separate residences), (2) Adultery where one or both parties committed adultery, or (3) Abuse / Cruelty, in that your spouse has been physically or mentally cruel or abusive toward you.

Divorce Forms specific to every Newfoundland Court

Did you know that divorce forms in one city may be different from the next city over. We make sure that the divorce forms you receive are up-to-date and meet the local requirements of the court in the municipal district where you reside.

Divorce Papers prepared by our experienced Team

We don't believe that instant computer generated divorce forms can ever produce the specialized forms that you need for filing with the court. You need divorce forms that are prepared by a divorce specialists who personally reviews your case information and prepares your divorce forms specific to your situation. ReliableDivorce never uses automated divorce software to instantly produce generic forms. Our forms are carefully prepared for your by our Newfoundland divorce specialists.

Save thousands over an Newfoundland divorce attorney

Most divorces are filed without an attorney. People understand they don't have to pay thousands to a divorce attorney in Newfoundland to complete their uncontested divorce.  Divorce forms are now available to the public, prepared for them by a dedicated divorce specialists. If you have an uncontested divorce, let ReliableDivorce prepare the divorce forms you need to file your uncontested divorce.

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Helping couples complete their divorce since 1993, the owners of ReliableDivorce have over 20 years experience. The goal has always been the same...provide the highest commitment to quality and make the service affordable.

ReliableDivorce has been successful in helping thousands of couples in Newfoundland complete their divorce and save thousands over the cost of a divorce attorney.

If you are looking to get a divorce, ReliableDivorce provides professional divorce papers that are prepared by a professional divorce specialist. We also provide support to our customers all the way until the divorce is final.

Complete your divorce in Newfoundland with ReliableDivorce.

Newfoundland Divorce


Filing with the Court in Newfoundland and Labrador

You must file your Newfoundland divorce papers in the court located in the County where you presently reside. We will provide the court information in the documents that we send to you, but some of the courts in Newfoundland are listed below:

In certain areas on the East and West coast of Newfoundland and Labrador, the Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador Family Division has exclusive jurisdiction for all family law matters which arise in its geographical jurisdiction. This means that in those areas (called judicial areas), all family law cases are dealt with in the Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador Family Division and none will be heard in Provincial Court.

The judicial areas that come under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador Family Division include:

East Coast:
The Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador Family Division has exclusive jurisdiction over all family matters arising on the Avalon Peninsula (as far as Holyrood and including Bell Island). This also includes the St. John's metropolitan area. This means any family law applications arising in these areas must be filed with the Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador Family Division. The Provincial Court in these areas does not accept family court applications.

West Coast:
The Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador Family Division has exclusive jurisdiction over all family matters arising in the area from Grey River west along the South coast of the island portion of Newfoundland and Labrador to Channel-Port aux Basques, then north to include the whole of the Great Northern Peninsula and west to the turnoff of the Trans Canada Highway to routes 420 and 421 to Jackson's Arm and the Beaches respectively, to include all of the communities along both routes 420 and 421. This means any family law applications arising in these areas must be filed with the Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador Family Division. The Provincial Court in these areas does not accept family court applications

If your County court is not listed, the information for your court will be included in the divorce papers we send you.

Reliable Divorce serves the entire pROVINCE of Newfoundland and labrador

We provide Newfoundland divorce forms for all the cities in Newfoundland, including St. John's, Mount Pearl, Corner Book, Conception Bay South, Paradise, Grand Falls-Windsor, Gander, Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Torbay, Labrador City, Portugal Cove-St. Phillips, Stephenville, Clarenville, Bay Roberts, and all the other towns in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Newfoundland divorce documentsEvery Newfoundland divorce package will include full instructions and will include every document you will need to complete your divorce, including the Newfoundland Statement of Claim for Divorce or Notice of Joint Family Claim, Newfoundland Request for Divorce, Newfoundland marital settlement agreement, service documents, Summons and proof of service documents, alternate service documents (such as publication forms when your spouse's whereabouts are unknown), Newfoundland Divorce Judgment, all child custody and child support documents and orders, and any additional documents that may be required for your specific circumstance.

Full detailed instuctions and a support team will help make sure that your divorce in Newfoundland will be completed.  We want to make sure that every custody who uses ReliableDivorce to complete their divorce, actually receives a divorce decree from the Judge.  We do not provide advice on procedural or substantive law.

Joint Divorce or Single Signature.  If you and your spouse are both willing to sign, then we will prepare a joint divorce.  This makes the process fairly simple because the Court knows that both parties are in full agreement with the documents are filed with the court.  If for some reason you are not able to get your spouse to sign, then we will prepare single signature documents so you can get your divorce without your spouses signature.

Do it yourself divorce in Newfoundland
Newfoundland Divorce Forms

You can now get a divorce without having to pay thousands to a local divorce lawyer. Professsional Newfoundland divorce documents and support.


Newfoundland child custody and child support
Child Custody and Support Documents

Our divorce documents include a separation agreement and all the forms required for child custody, child support and property division.


Divorce in Newfoundland
Newfoundland Divorce Team

Each divorce form is prepared by our experienced Newfoundland divorce team. Backed by 100% court acceptance guarantee.