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First, At, we have prepared over 50,000 documents for our customers, each one prepared with our customers specifically in mind, using court divorce documents specifically for your Province.

Second, We have the highest consumer satisfaction in the industry. We accomplish this by providing you with documents that are prepared by our staff of professionals who take exceptional care in making sure you documents are correct. Our customer support staff is here to assist you throughout the divorce process.


  • We back our service with a 100% money back guarantee (Read our Guarantee)
  • Fast Service: 90% of our customers receive documents the same day.
  • Accessibility: You can speak to us or email our staff 24 hours a day.
  • Quality Service: Our documents are accepted by every court in Canada.
  • We set the industry standard for divorce document service - for 21 years!


QUALITY AND ATTENTION TO DETAIL uses the latest in technology and innovation to create the highest quality legal divorce document service available. Our staff has the experience and dedication to detail necessary to assure that every divorce document that comes from is ready to sign and file with the court. You can have confidence filing any document you receive from

  • Province Specific & Up-to-date Forms. Our divorce documents are continually being updated with the latest requirements from your local court. You can be assured that your will be receiving divorce papers that are 100% legal for your court and will be 100% approved. We know that this can be a stressful time for you and our goal is to make sure you don't have to worry about anything except filing the documents with the court.
  • Court Acceptance. We have completed divorces in all provinces and territories for over 21 years. Our research staff always makes sure that you are provided with the most recent and up-to-date and legal divorce forms. You can be confident when filing your divorce documents with the court. We back our documents with a full 100% court acceptance guarantee.
  • Document Review Process. Every document is reviewed by a person in our "final review" department before you receive your documents from us. We make sure that the divorce documents have been prepared correctly before we send them out.
  • Divorce Processing Support. Our staff is available to assist you in the divorce process. You will find our staff to be knowledgeable and eager to help you through-out the entire divorce process. Many similar companies prepare your documents and leave you to fend for yourself. We know that the process can be confusing, so we stay with you until the divorce is final.



We have been preparing documents for customers who are going through a divorce since 1993. We have helped over 50,000 customers and will treat you with the individual attention that you deserve as our customer.

We take great pride in our we treat and assist our customers during this difficult time in their lives. We understand that you may not know all the specifics on how to complete your divorce, and we stand ready to speak to you personally.



We offer this highest level service and save you thousands over the cost of an attorney and the cost of similar services. Once you submit your order to, our divorce department will prepare your documents for you, specific to your situation, and then forward them to our final review department who will review the documents and then send you the final set of divorce documents.

We will do unlimited changes for you at no cost. We know that there are times that you and/or your spouse will change your mind on certain aspects of your divorce, and changes are required.


Our goal is to provide you with the highest level of customer support in the industry. The senior management at was a high ranking officer in the Air Force, and served for over 30 years. The commitment to excellence he learned in his service has been implemented in the operations at

We accept nothing less than the highest standard of service for our customers. You will see a difference when you work with a company that sets and adheres to these high standards. You will enjoy using a company whose foundation is based on customer satisfaction and quality.

We take great pride in the quality of our documents and the personal attention we give to each customer. We are always available to answer your questions. Your divorce documents will be prepared by a divorce preparation specialist who is experienced in preparing divorce documents for your province.



We guarantee that your divorce papers will be accurate and that the court clerks will accept it for filing as meeting or exceeding their standards or you get your money back. We can make this guarantee very confidently because we make it our mission to make sure our documents are complete and up-to-date with the newest court regulations. If we don't make it right, we'll refund you money - 100%. Please read our guarantee for more details.



FREE Marital Separation Agreement

A Marital Separation Agreement is a valuable document which outlines all the provisions of your divorce, from assets and liabilities, to child custody and visitation, to what happens if someone files for bankruptcy. The Marital Separation Agreement will protect you in the future from any misunderstandings you may have with your spouse.

A Marital Separation agreement is now being utilized by more and more of the divorce specialists and attorneys because of the many benefits it offers you when you split. This agreement will outline the specific terms of your property settlement, such as the division of retirement benefits, real property, etc. As well as the specific division of the debts you may have accumulated during your marriage. These documents will protect you from having to pay debts you should not be liable for, and will protect you from losing property which would rightfully be yours.

A Marital Separation Agreement also will go into detail as to the child custody, visitation and child support provisions. The agreement you receive from has been developed by attorneys experienced in preparing the most comprehensive Marital Separation Agreements available.

Many companies and attorneys charge a heavy additional fee for a custom Marital Separation Agreement, especially one as detailed as what you will get from, but for a limited time we are offering this free to you.

FREE Name Change

Many companies charge extra for you to change your name or your spouse's name back to their previous name, or their maiden name. At, we provide this service free of charge so that you have the freedom to freely make your own decision concerning what name you or your spouse would like to legally use.

We will add the necessary provisions in your documents to assure you name is legally returned to either your maiden name, or in the event you desire to go back to the name your children have, your previous name. This is just another example of the commitment that has towards its customers.



Your information is completely secured and not accessible by anyone without special permissions to our servers. We know that you are entrusting us with personal information and we take this responsibility very serious. We have implemented the latest technology to assure that your information is secure.

In addition, we know that you want to be assured that your name and contact information is kept private. No one, other than a staff member who is preparing your documents will see your information and your contact information is never provided to any 3rd party. We value you as a customer and lock down your personal information to keep it safe and secure.



No doubt you have done your research on which company to use. We are certain you will find to offer you the highest level of quality and commitment. When going through a difficult time in your life, don't complicate it more by hiring a company to complete your documents who don't have the proven experience to make sure they are done right.

Every company who takes pride in what they do will sincerely believe that they truly offer the best service available - bar none. Well, at we are no different. We believe the quality of our service is second to none. This is why we too believe that we are simply the best company for you to choose, with the highest level of dedication to our product and customer satisfaction. This may be a biased opinion, but certainly an opinion all the employees at believe in strongly.

We desire to be able to serve you with your divorce document needs, and be able to show you the level of professionalism you deserve. We know that during this time, what you need is someone who can relieve some of the stress, not add to it. This is what is all about. Providing you with divorce documents, specifically prepared for you, ready for you to simply sign and file with the court. No hassles with wondering where your documents are or wondering if they are accurate and legal for your court - Just confidence that you are dealing with a company who will get it done right. We have taken the guess work out of the equation.

If you want to complete your divorce, but don't want to spend thousands on a divorce attorney, then start your divorce today with ReliableDivorce.

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  • 100% Court Acceptance Guarantee
  • Fast and affordable divorce service
  • Free settlement agreement included
  • Child support and child custody forms included
  • Name change documents included
  • Simple to understand instructions

How to file your divorce

Filing an uncontested divorce is actually a fairly simple process. Thousands of people file their own divorce every week. We provide simple to understand instructions to help guide you through the divorce process.

When to use a divorce attorney

If you and your spouse cannot agree on the issues of the divorce and you believe it will be difficult to resolve your complex situation, then you are encouraged to consult a divorce attorney.

When you can't locate your spouse

If you don't know the whereabouts of your spouse, you can still get a divorce. We help people everyday who haven't seen their spouse in years and don't know their whereabouts. We will help you through the process.

Divorce process

The divorce process typically takes 2-3 months to become final. Some courts don't require any court hearing, some do. Our simple to understand instructions and support department make sure your divorce goes smoothly.

Divorce doesn't have to be expensive.

With years of experience and praise by the Courts, you
can rest assured that your divorce will be completed.

At Reliable Divorce, we make the process of divorce simple for you. We will prepare your divorce forms, which will include the Petition for Divorce and all the other documents required by your local court, and send them to you ready to sign and file..

  • Attorney quality divorce documents
  • 100% money-back court acceptance guarantee
  • Fast and affordable divorce service
  • Award winning custody support
  • Fast divorce processing
  • Unlimited Free changes and updates

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My divorce was completed yesterday. I wanted to send you a letter and let you know how much I appreciate your service. The Judge complemented me on being prepared. I could have never afforded a divorce lawyer, he wanted to charge me $2,500 to start the case. Your staff was awesome. Thanks so much for all the help you gave me.

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Court Approved Divorce Documents

Our divorce forms have been used by thousands of people in Courts across the country. From small towns to the largest cities, our documents will be approved by your local court.

Excellent Customer Support

Our support staff is knowledgable and ready to help you complete your divorce. We stay with you until your divorce is final.

100% Court Acceptance Guarantee

We back our service by a 100% Money-Back Court Acceptance Guarantee. See our guarantee page for details.

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You can now get a divorce without having to pay thousands to a local divorce lawyer. Professsional divorce documents and support.


Child support and child custody documents
Child Custody and Support Documents

Our divorce documents include a separation agreement and all the forms required for child custody, child support and property division.


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Each divorce form is prepared by an experienced divorce specialists. Backed by 100% court acceptance guarantee.